Today is a New Day!

DownloadedFile-1Whenever I meet someone new, and they ask me what I do for a living, and I tell them I am a personal trainer and coach, most people feel the need to confess! LOL.  Most people start telling me about what they ate over the the last few days, and how they should have made better food choices.  Then they go into how they haven’t worked out as much as they should, and then go into all the reasons why they need to eat better and exercise, but why they can’t.  Usually too tired, not enough time, or they have lost their motivation.

The first thing that I say to them is “Today is a NEW day!  Yesterday was the past, today is your day to make new choices, and head towards your goals.  Don’t let the past define who you can become!”

Another thing I think but don’t say (all the time, only when it’s the right time.)  That the low energy words they are using can actually cause them more stress, and frustration.  Notice how many times the person used the word should and need to! I underlined it above. Those words are what we call low energy words and can make you feel heavy, tired, burdened down, and overwhelmed.  Try replacing those words with “I CHOOSE TO”  and see how much better you feel! Like I wrote in my other blog…..we all have a choice.

Today is a new day!!!  If you really want to start making better choices in life, create a plan of action.  Schedule in exercise time, just like you do with appointments. It doesn’t have to be 60 minutes at first just start with 30 minutes, or even 10 minutes! If you want to start eating better, make a grocery list of healthy foods, and CHOOSE to buy healthier items at the store.

Today is whatever you make it to be!  You can SHIFT to a day of healthy choices, just start TODAY!

–Coach Kristi




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