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image1“I have had a great experience working with Kristi Dear, she has really helped me see that the goals I want to reach are attainable and its a mind body and spirit process to getting there! I started visualizing like you taught me at the beginning of April and in a few weeks, I’m already here!  It’s so surreal! Great coaching!”

 -Kelsey Neyman  Executive District Manager

11358659_843812052376429_1776697401_n“This morning as I was doing my morning mindset ritual I was reflecting on how my life has changed because of Kristi Dear.

Here’s what came from my heart that I felt needed to be shared:

I’d like to give an update on how I’m doing since I started my individual coaching sessions with Kristi Dear. Yes, I manifested over $60,000 dollars into my life in the last four months and I’ve doubled my income from my business that I’ve fallen in love with. But, I really want to let you know how my life has changed beyond the financial abundance! 

I was suffering when I decided to sign up with Kristi. Sadness had set in because of the loss of my grandma and family drama. Now, I’ve learned to let all the drama go and I have created a chosen family that I adore! I’ve payed it forward by helping others let go of pain inflicted on them from others and themselves. I spend my days in appreciation for the beauty that surrounds me and excited to see what new amazing experience is around the corner. What she’s given me is priceless! I highly recommended you spend as much time as possible with her because she will change your life! 

-Lark Allen  Rodan + Fields Executive Consultant





11891489_10206496762630427_4329110375765207641_oJUST DO IT!! HIRE Kristi Dear!!
I know mindset, transformation, and self development! I’ve been helping others for 15 years, not to mention education and experiences. I’ve worked with mindset coaches. And I knew I still had a block that I just couldn’t discover…..
I had a phone call with Kristi today and shit just shifted!!! Long story short, 3 blocks I’d identified and worked through were actually connected and created synergy that was holding me hostage. Talked to Kristi and BOOM! Identified, cleared, and it actually feels like a piece of my soul has been retrieved!
I can’t even describe the flow of energy and confidence that came with releasing this money block! She helped my do what no one else has been able to do!
THANK YOU!!! Kristi Dear!! <3 <3 <3 <3


–Brenda J. King

Mindset and Life Transformation Coach at Brenda J King and Partner/Clinical Psychologist



Tonya-Hofmann-9-14-jpg“I have had the pleasure of having Kristi Dear appear on my TV show, as well as have her speak on my virtual summit’s through the Public Speakers Association. Kristi has a true passion for helping women clear any mental clutter that is keeping them stuck, so they can reach their full potential. If you have any fear or self doubt that is holding you back, I would recommend connecting with Kristi.”

Tonya Hofmann: CEO & Founder of the Public Speakers Association


11164805_10153215498246294_8484364012908142026_n“There are many different Mindset coaches out there, and some that just focus on specific mindset work, but let me just say that Kristi is really good at ALL Mindset work.  She’s tough but not in your face tough, she is loving and kind and very supportive. She really reminds you to stay positive, because it is all about feeling good.  You really feel taken care of when you are coaching with her, like she is your friend.  She will check in on you and support you in reaching your goals. Plus she helped me land my first 10k client!”

–Molly Sapp Mindset Coach & Actress



butch“I had the pleasure of working with Kristi in Dallas last fall and I can say without hesitation, she knows her stuff. Many “coaches” are little more than wannabes who sit around Starbucks all day. Not Kristi. She is a PRO. If you want to truly make a life change, hire Kristi Dear!”

-Butch Bellah  Speaker/Sales/Trainer/Author



forrest“As the producer of the USSuccess Speakers networking group, it was our distinct pleasure to have Kristi Dear to come and speak as our Keynote Speaker. Kristi has the presence and message that inspired our members, and she will be asked to return. She is current and on-purpose with her refreshing message. We can only applaud her for her consistently inspiring ideas and communicative delivery.”

– Forrest Allen Ward, CEO of USSuccessCenter, a Corporate Education & Networking Organization

client 2“This woman saved my life!!! She is awesome in every aspect of the word!!! Very awesome person and excellent at her job!!”

-Heather V.



11333290_10205320705591843_692340797_o“So thankful for her words of inspiration in my life over the past 4 years. When I started working with Kristi, I was pretty broken. I wasn’t the person I wanted to be. So thankful I was brave enough to email her… it was the first step to becoming stronger, more determined, happier, and a more alive me, mentally and physically. Thank you Kristi Dear!”

–Becky Tippets Stuckey  Yonique Qualified Presenter


Jennifer pict“I had an awesome 30 min  coaching session with Kristi Dear this morning!

This girl gets it and has so much helpful insight. So excited for her workshop!”

–Jennifer Caldwell Founder and Market Mentor




11720524_10205062671909528_207154973_n (1)“Kristi Dear – ROCKS! I met her through a networking group and she has some really great insight! Please consider her as a tool to helping you grow your business! I have been using her with and she has been a huge help! With her help I have reached my goals in less time than planned! She is worth the  investment – I have already tripled my money!”

–Laura Helfrich Cortese Widltree Consultant


clientThis is just from the Discovery Call. Say WHAT??? It moves fast ya’ll!

“Guess what, I may have a second client by friday!! Amazing how just stepping into my role and owning it has already attracted clients without a website or social media presence. I focused on shifting my attitude from I can’t because of fear & self doubt to how can I provide awesome value to my Ideal Clients and serve them the BEST that I can right NOW! What a blessing!!!” 

–Angelica Rozewicz  Brand & Business Coach




client 2“I had a 30 minute Coaching session with Kristi, and because of some things she had said, it shifted my focus and had me thinking differently and believing in myself more. Right after the call ended, I had a message from a client wanting to buy my products!!!  It really works!

–Elizabeth Walton Pennywell  Yellow Status Presenter.


11911372_1195615390455970_1806268661_n“One conversation with Kristi Dear and things just started falling into place! I love the flexibility that having my own business provides me to handle life but still make Money at the same time!!!”

—Crystal Henderson Brooks






heather bartos“I started seeing Kristi as a “test” to see if my patients would like her. I wanted to work on fitness and weight goals using her Neuro Linguistics Programming. But as a gifted coach, she also brought up some other things I could work on, such as conscious language and prosperity. Turns out, I had SEVERAL blocks from my past about money, weight…everything! We were able to start reworking my inner beliefs and all of the sudden—business took off! I opened myself up to the universe and found my dream home. I had patients that owed thousands of dollars show up out of the blue and pay off their balances. And I look forward to getting up now and taking care of MYSELF! All of these blocks were holding me back as a woman, a business owner and a wife/mother. I’m happier, less stressed and feel like the me I always pictured-all thanks to Krist’s help!

Oh, and I’ve worked off 9 pounds in the past 9 weeks by shifting my mindset. She helped me realize I CAN have it all. I don’t think I even knew how much I really needed her help!”

Heather Bartos, MD, FACOG
be. Women’s Health & Wellness

“A big thank you to Kristi Dear for an exceptional coaching session yesterday  overcoming a specific fear that was keeping me stuck for a bit. Emotional day for me….which is exactly where I need to be to move forward. Seek out those who you can collaborate with and will uplift you to YOUR next level.

–Valoree Brown
Valoree Bowen RN
Dynamaxx Founding Associate


“I loved starting my vision board in the workshop Kristi Dear taught for the North Texas Biz Moms! As a mommy with kids, full-time work and a growing biz, I am guilty of living only in the “now” and losing sight of long-term wants/dreams. Thanks so much for the insight and encouragement Kristi Dear This lady is a BOSS at helping you declutter thoughts/beliefs that keep you stuck in “survival mode” and limit your vision. Money and time well spent 🙂 “

Kristi Bledsoe, AdvoCare Independent Distributor

Ashley“Shout out to Kristi Dear, After a 30 minute call with her. I have been able to break out of my shell, become even more confident than I was. I had an amazing time with you ladies last night. I am excited about my future! So I highly recommend Kristi! I know I will reach success and part of that reason is because the positive coaching Kristi provides! Now let’s all go reach for the stars today”

–Ashley Almanza




12953269_10207638791065990_1158701575_o“After a wonderful session with Kristi Dear I have actually taken the time to write out the negative “stuff” that has been inhabiting my brain probably for the last 20 years! AMAZING is all I can say. I never really realized how negative I am towards myself. So grateful to Kristi for all her awesome help!”

—Jules Shapiro Certified Yoga Teacher &  Personal Trainer




Libby“I love working with Kristi!! Through our coaching sessions she has helped me realize and release many limiting beliefs I had–beliefs that I didn’t even know I had, & that were totally opposed to conscious thoughts I was having. She has helped me with tools to implement new beliefs, & I am seeing ideas and dreams I’ve had for long time start to come to life! Thank you Kristi!!”

–Libby Haynes owner of  House furniture store



12697217_10153892293435797_3945471397805665789_o“Hey girl! I absolutely LOVED our call yesterday.

Clarity, Clarity, Clarity!!!! Crystal F’n clear on my ICA. WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO

Revolutions are being made over here my love! Thank you so much for opening my eyes”

–Jamie Thurber

Online Project Manager & Productivity Consultant smile




12074901_10153336959292830_1569727438930060375_n“I just got off a one hour call with Kristi Dear, and *Wow*. I highly recommend this fantastic lady to help you with your life and business! I can’t believe how many epiphanies I had during this call! Thank you so much, Kristi!!”

–Jasmine Blumel

Level I Executive Consultant



“I just want to say talking with Kristi was amazing! Even though we only talked for half an hour in a discovery call, she said some things that sparked  me to uncover stuff that was lingering around that had kept me in a dry spell of no clients. I went on a block clearing spree and less than 2 weeks later, my dry spell ended! I signed my first client in 6 months, all thanks to Kristi! I can’t wait to see what happens when I sign up to be her client!”
–Rachel Vdolek
confidence + creative business coach

 “Thanks Kristi Dear! Your 2 audios on money manifestations and client attraction are powerful! They have already  helped me to pivot and shift quickly leading me to inspired action. Will listen to them daily I love the variety of mantras xoxo”
–Jennifer Castaneda
Confidence coach and clinical hypnotherapist

“You are da BOMB! I’ve tackled more blocks in 2 months than I ever saw or was willing to face in counseling! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I feel truly blessed I was led to you to help me out of my cage!!! Excited for all the prosperity that’s available to me.I have been having GREAT manifesting!! I’m going to make $6K this month. Last month, only $2900 – woooohooooo! My $8K goal is coming soon! And God answered my desire for the $8K & focus on getting a large sum of money unexpectedly! We got $1600 check in the mail. Love, Love, Love! And thanks to you 🙂
–Tammy Marshall  Owner of LuckyULashes 

12651383_10205693403514451_7419799745531342253_n“I want to say a big thank you to Kristi Dear. Every single day I read your Facebook and watch your videos and apply what you teach about positivity, and mindset, and overcoming mental blocks. I have seen huge results in my attitude, and my ability to face adversity. Little adverse things that were stressful and would ruin my entire day, are now a blip and are a learning experience. I have been learning to look at the positive and release negative energy. I know I haven’t taken your coaching, but your teaching and inspiration makes a difference to me. Thank you for providing such a positive experience.

I asked her at one point, are you really that positive? Is this positive energy mindset for real? Truth is, yes she is and yes it is real.”  —Angela Anderson

12592667_10205250056841260_3249255129423051876_n“Woohoo!! I am a money magnet!! After working on my money mindset the past few weeks and I listened to Kristi Dear audio this morning…

Just today, we got a refund check from Lowes credit department and I found 2 of my son’s library books, I thought I was going to pay for. I have been looking for these for months!

I have been more open to receive leading to more intimacy with my husband. I started trusting the universe is working in my favor. I was able to forgive myself for the past – mistakes with money, business,  & relationships, and I feel more grateful and present with everything I do have.

It created space for more money to come in, new ideas and new opportunities, and allso brought more peace around money.

Who else is working on their manifesting mojo?!!”  –Misty Shaheen  Health Coach


Elaine“I have had coaching in the past so I was a little hesitant at first investing in coaching again, but Kristi Kicks Butt! We are only on session 6 and I have tackled so much. I have my website up, my Mindset Audios are up & ready for download, and I am hosting a FREE Money Mindset Challenge next week! Kristi is a huge support in my life, I am so excited about where I am in my biz, and this is only the beginning.”
“Update After working with Kristi 1:1 and watching her transform the lives of others, I was able to fine tune my mindset techniques and BAM! took on my first high paying – payment in full client! & Made another $3k right after our coaching call.!
                           — Elaine Lawrence Mindset Coach





12924572_10208192654269980_8768825971648626404_n” Kristi after talking with you for a bit about my biz, and different Mindset tools I could use, I just got the opportunity of a lifetime!!! It DOES work!!!! WTF?  I was doing what you said, and it happened within the hour, Right after you left.

Can you come get your hair done every day? I am going to speak to a couple hundred cosmo students My heart is just so full!”

–Sara Ewing-Reed



Moms-camera-009“I haven’t been working with you long, but I have seen such a difference in me and my direction since doing the VIP session, and our other sessions along with the exercises you have given me. AH-MAZING!!!!!  Thank you!”

–Carleina Fournier    Coach   @

10988488_10153084464666941_7745839464048175591_n“After using Kristi’s  Money Mindset techniques, our house sold faster than expected, and  at the price we wanted, little repairs as we would have to put that on credit cards, so we saved a few thousand! Then we received a  $2k  scholarships for our daughter!!!  So exciting! I am planning to work with Kristi 1:1 as soon as we get settled”   —Christine McGaa Dahl

11745644_10203489597555517_7042535027357309211_n“I just started using Kristi’s Money Mindset techniques and within one day boom- the commissions from our vacation that I have been waiting on showed up in my account totaling $960.37!”

—Lavonna Jackson  Vacation Enthusiast

11392853_10205158905587189_890931567382529133_n“After using Kristi’s Money Mindset techniques I have made an extra $1,370 in only a week from extra income! The techniques were so easy to do and they made a HUGE difference. I never knew it could be so easy to attract money!

After that, I had another coaching call with Kristi  and I was really struggling with how to shift my mind to be able to receive abundance when I’m feeling so overwhelmed. I told her I wanted to clean my bathroom and just forget about the work I needed to get done. And she encouraged me to clean, clear out, declutter and symbolically (and literally!) make room for abundance.

So, I cleaned and focused on de-cluttering my mind as well. Purged the bathroom and then purged my mind of the stress weighing me down.

I woke up this morning to my second biggest paycheck in my health and fitness coaching biz. And I had one new fully paid client. 👊🏻 Over the course of the day today? FOUR more people have reached out TO ME asking if I can help them. I haven’t even finished the recruiting tool Kristi helped me with. They came TO me!

It makes me so happy knowing that I can help more people just be shifting my mindset! I hate focusing on recruiting when I would rather be developing new programs and plans for my best clients instead!”


—Katie Painter  Mindset & Health Coach








“I just have to say it was like Divine Intervention finding you in my suggested facebook friends Kristi! I am loving all these tips you share and your energy is AMAZEBALLS!!! I have been working on mindset through a number of books, videos etc… but there is just something about the way you explain it that seems to be actually cutting through all those self limiting beliefs I have held on to for far too long. It is SCARY to work through and SUPER exciting! Thank you for being you … just wanted to say thank you from someone who has felt lost for so long and is feeling the light pour in, FINALLY!” 😀😀😀

Victoria Cannoles, Online Health and Fitness Coach,




13415629_10156945486815654_3830403815300682822_o“Sooooo, I just started using Kristi’s money mindset techniques and I have been having a more open to money entering my life and been doing affirmations in my head. This week, I finally received a $200 payment that had been delayed and today I came home to a settlement check of $15.63 out of no where. So basically, I am getting going full force tonight”—Tinya Thomas  LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant



13494751_285744428482059_8348722481436520019_n“My story was that I woke up one day to a whole new life. BAM ! Everything I knew for 43 years shattered. After the blame/anger passed… and Mrs. Kristi Dear, Godly suggesting for me to shut up! I finally realized I created it. I didn’t set boundaries, I didn’t guard my heart, I didn’t say no, I let others use me, I didn’t take care of myself. It’s what I was taught to do, and I did it to the best of my ability.
Mindset is everything. Unfortunately, I was programmed with the wrong one. My old ways are gone, and my new story has started. It’s time to grow up, and be 43. If I forget as I walk to my Jeep MyPlates will redirect me. It works!  ‪#‎MIND5ET‬
Kristi has opened my mind to a whole new world. I can’t stop reading, and learning. New Mindset, New Jeep, New Life !!! Thanks to my husband, and Kristi for the support/understanding. Do the work, and you can have a comeback too!”  –Jennifer Warnack


13522485_10209133803289493_1944492105_n“Thank you, thank you!  I received three unexpected checks today and already met my goal for the week!  Really love all your money mindset tips and inspiration. It is helping me grow both personally and in my business!”  —Angelica Pierson


Independent Ambassador



13271798_10209463903062872_1450580953_o“I have taken part in Kristi Dear’s Money Manifestation and blocks workshop,

I have been practicing her Money Manifestation techniques I wrote myself a check and have been trying to make the three steps a daily ritual. I have been practicing the mentality of abundance and just existing in a state of gratitude and blessing while making it a priority to step out of overwhelm on a daily basis. I have been practicing inspired action and income producing activities, but have also been making it a priority to step back and practice the “receiving” aspect that she talks about. This isn’t easy for me. This takes practice, and I am still working on all three steps for it to become a natural second nature.
Then I WON a free session with Kristi in the same amount I wrote the check for!
Looks like I need to write another check to myself!! Maybe for a bigger amount this time!!! Thanks Kristi Dear”

–Darla Ruggiero  Gold Ambassador



13151806_10208139543019696_4086721894627087636_n“Okay, so I used Kristi’s Money Mindset techniques and I did all three steps each day and I had really amazing results!!! I attracted more money into my life and received unexpected checks, But what I found through this process was a shift to a really deep sense of thankfulness. I began to look for ways that money was coming in or being saved and realized that there are so many blessings that I have been overlooking. My thoughts shifted from focusing on a number that I wanted to noticing all that is. I did not expect that. It makes my heart happy.” —Dee Jones


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.



13509452_10208559249072560_1506499976_o“Using Kristi’s Money Mindset tips I picked an amount of money that felt REALLY good to me to manifest, and within just a few hours after that decision I got my FIRST unexpected check for $130.
I CELEBRATED, got all worked up about it, danced around the kitchen and showed my husband as if it was the full $6k amount I picked to manifest!
For the first time in my LIFE I feel like money is FUN!”

–Megan Elizabeth Morris Creativity & Writing Coach


13522483_10208109781855264_2144579714_n“Within just a few days after using Kristi’s Money Mindset techniques, I made $242 toward my $1600 goal!!  I am so excited to continue to use these steps to reach more of my money goals.”

—-Lauren Ashley Ericsson  Graphic Designer



13413574_10104041574753687_2152042644743330104_n“WOW within only one week of using  Kristi’s Money Mindset tips,  I attracting $3,000 EXTRA income into my life!” –Chelsea Stewart Burnett

Life Insurance Agent at NewYork Life Insurance Agency




13428015_210886512638761_2808364905741874901_n“”I have been doing great with my money mindset, and then found Kristi and started to apply some of her money mindset techniques. It  just reinforced some things I already knew, but once I started to re-focus again, and really put my all into it I made $3,100  in only 4 days!”

—-Gretchen Mail  Sales and Success Coach





12316189_10153352410298251_917975173065797365_n“Kristi is totally recommended!

As a Mindset Practitioner and Neuroscientist there are only a select few Mindset Coaches that I follow.

Kristi is practical and sound in her knowledge. She is engaging and able to aid her clients to transform within biz and career.

Recently I decided to engage in one of Kristi’ mindset challenge, in alliance with my own mindset work that I already do. I was able to increase my income 3-4 fold from one simple yet enlightened practice.

I am glad that God is doing works THROUGH Kristi!! If you have a passion and a purpose; 5 figure, 6 figures months, more? The world is your oyster. Understand that!”

Fiona Murray
Mindset Practitioner and Neuroscientist



12657173_10209059139462697_1681082548597574604_o“After using Kristi’s Money Mindset techniques  I hit my $500 goal TWICE. Thanks for your wonderful insight, guidance, teaching and unwavering support!”  —Irma Vargas Consultant/Certified Strengthsfinder coach




1970459_10152521462179021_471922607878703775_n“Kristi, this works! Just had to share my small victory. I was really down yesterday after my new CPA corrected errors on our taxes (which I hired her to do, I suspected the former didn’t do something right). We ended up owing more because of the corrections. I watched your video last night and decided to stop stressing about how that money would take away from the plans we had for it and be thankful that I had an income to pay taxes on. Today my roofer finalized our paperwork for the work they just completed and charged me less than the initial estimate. Wouldn’t you know the difference is within $50 of the additional taxes we owe this quarter!! I’m going to keep at it, and wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom and positivity.” —Maggie Hernandez  Realtor


13450171_10208707416378056_8786784677829341423_n“After using Kristi’s Money Mindset manifestation techniques,  I set my intention to manifest $800 in a week. Well I surpassed my goal and  I ended up with  $1,178 in a week!!!! I know this works and  it can be done.”

-Jennie Nicewarner   Hairstylist

It’s time to unlock your Abundant Mindset

My name is Kristi Dear and I am a Mindset Mentor & Success Coach, Author & Speaker.

I work with purpose driven female entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their spotlight, build their successful and fulfilling businesses and stop playing small! I teach my clients to bust through their money blocks once and for all, to allow real abundance into their lives, and become more clear about what they want, confident in what they do and take themselves to the heights they know they are ready for.