Setbacks are normal!

Setbacks are normal!

How do you handle  a tough setback?

Do you dwell on it, and think, “Who was I kidding? Nothing ever works for me anyways.” Or do you fight? Do you take that situation, learn from it, grow, and know that next time, you will come out stronger. Do you tell yourself, “This is life. Nothing is perfect, and the only way to get better, is to learn from my mistakes and setbacks.”

I have to admit I have day’s when it’s not always easy to see  the positive. Yes, me Kristi Dear, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach, but I also know that nothing good will come out of negative self talk. I do however know that I have a choice in my thoughts, and that is very empowering. If I do stay negative, It will only give the enemy an open door to pull me down even more, and that makes me want to fight!

Being Healthy from the inside out, I believe begins on the inside, and then will transition to the outside…the way you talk to yourself drives your behavior, your actions, your relationships, your choices, affects your mood, affects your job, your perception, your reality….

It’s all about forming NEW habits….and when your in a bad mood, it’s not always easy to start thinking or speaking positive ha! but you gotta fight for YOU…..It’s not about making people or events change outside of you….that will never, ever make you happy, or stronger if you don’t like who you are on the inside!  You will also never fully love or like yourself, if you are constantly criticizing yourself! I mean how strong, confident, vibrant, positive can one be if all they hear is how much of a screw up they are?

Try saying, and thinking the affirmation posted below  instead: Form new habits, get happier, feel better about yourself…be kind to yourself…everyone has setbacks.  The way you live your life is your choice….no matter what happens, what someone says, or does, it’s still your choice in how you respond.  It’s still your choice!!!!

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Kristi Dear

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