Power of Visualization!


Alex and II want to share with you one of my favorite stories on the    power of visualization!!  I am a huge believer in visualizing your goals, and creating vision boards.  My vision board started as a huge poster board.  I added my favorite scripture verses, affirmations, my plans for the future, & pictures of my goals!  It is thumbtacked to a wall next to my bed, so that every night before I go to bed, and every morning when I wake, I see these images, scriptures, goals & affirmations.  I close my eyes and take a few minutes each time to really soak up the visuals.  (One of the goals I have up now is to run a full marathon in Hawaii!!!  YEAH)  Anyways …….a couple of years ago, I put a picture of the bahamas.  I placed a note card underneath that said ” Alex (hubby) & I would travel to the bahamas to celebrate 18 years since the day we first met.  The next part is absolutely incredible!  We planned a trip with some couple friends, we picked a week we could all go, which is hard with multiple people, & one of the places the cruise would stop was in the bahamas.  We then realized that the exact day the cruise line would be in the bahamas, was the EXACT day 18yrs since our very first date!!!!  WOW!  Tell me that isn’t amazing???!!!!  The EXACT day!!!  not the day before or after but the same day exactly 18 years!!!

I’m here to tell you that visualization works!  It’s real, and many people in the spot light use the power of visualization to achieve great success.  Just to name a few:  Tiger Woods, Arnold Shwarzenegger, Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey.  Spiritual Leaders such as Joyce Meyer, Catherine Ponder & Joel Osteen

Visualization also works the other way!  So if you are visualizing negativity, lack, etc……that will also manifest!! & that is not a fun place to be.


If you don’t have a vision board yet, I encourage you to get one!  It’s fun creating it. DREAM BIG!  Get Creative!!! Use magazines, pictures you have, write down your goals, your dreams, your plans for the future.  Write out your favorite scriptures, & affirmations!  Have fun creating your vision to Success!



—-Coach Kristi





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