5 reasons you haven’t reached your goals!

So how about them goals? Student thinking

Top 5 reasons you haven’t reach them.

5 reasons you haven’t reach your goals!

1. Goals are out of order
2. Not enough motivation/self-confidence
3. What you talk about isn’t congruent with what you want
4. Your thoughts keep you in a fixed mindset, no room to grow
5. Your visions for the future are not clear, and defined enough

Any of that sound familiar??    Most of us can identify with at least one of the top 5 reasons.  Because of the world we live in, most of us have conformed to a certain way of speaking, thinking, and behaving. Waiting for something to happen outside of us to make us happy, motivated, confident, instead of us taking control of our thoughts, words, emotions, and starting to transform on the inside.

We pick too many goals, or maybe pick a huge one right up front, and if we have a setback or don’t reach it in time, become frustrated and quit.

I also see a lot of clients who want to be more successful, want to loose weight, want to be happier in their relationship but they lack the self-confidence or motivation needed to move forward. There are certain tools and techniques that build self-confidence, and bring out more motivation.

When you are congruent with your words, thoughts, visions, emotions, and true core belief you can reach ultimate success.  If you have any of those 5 points out of alignment it can stop you from living your true life’s purpose and reaching the next level of success.

The beauty is you have a choice!
Success is a choice!  Love is a choice!  Happiness is a choice!  CHOICE!
Everything you do in life is a choice!

You can get behind those thoughts, words, emotions, true core beliefs, and sculpt them into the direction you want to go. You can change your outcome of any situation. You can choose to be more confident, more motivated, to believe in yourself!  Isn’t that wonderful???

Right now, you have a choice to continue doing the same thing you are doing right now and expecting a different outcome ( and we all know the definition of that, 🙂 )  or you can make a SHIFT.  Try a different way, to get a different outcome!

So, what’s it going to be?


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Bright Blessings and Massive Success

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