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My gift to you is my Master your Mind, 5 Day FREE “mini” course.

A whole video course showing you HOW TO:

 >Crush FEAR that is breaking your soul, and making you feel trapped in a life that’s not yours.

>Squash Self Doubt that tells you “I can’t” “It’s too hard” “Who are you?”  “You’re not good enough.” “Don’t even try, you won’t make it anyways.”

>Bust up pesky Mind Blocks that are keeping you from making more money, feeling happy, having caring friends, a loving relationship, & receiving abundance.

Once you LEARN how to use your mindset correctly then and only then, CAN you  show UP fully in your life & biz!

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It’s that simple!  These are some of the same techniques I use in session with my clients & on My SHIFT your mind to Success CD, to achieve great results!  FREE as my gift to you!

Here is what one of my clients had to say who used some of these techniques:

 11358659_843812052376429_1776697401_n “Kristi Dear I would like to thank you for creating the Shift Your Mind To Success CD! I love to listen to your positive message on a daily basis! It has inspired me to step into my best possible self before I make important business calls or when I’m having moments of self doubt. You truly are the expert that I turn to when I need a shift in my mindset! Thank you for helping me believe in myself & that anything is possible!”

-Lark Allen  Rodan + Fields Executive Consultant


5 Day “mini”  VIDEO course CRUSH Fear, 

SQUASH Self Doubt, BUST up mind blocks that are keeping you STUCK!

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It’s time to unlock your Abundant Mindset

My name is Kristi Dear and I am a Mindset Mentor & Success Coach, Author & Speaker.

I work with purpose driven female entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their spotlight, build their successful and fulfilling businesses and stop playing small! I teach my clients to bust through their money blocks once and for all, to allow real abundance into their lives, and become more clear about what they want, confident in what they do and take themselves to the heights they know they are ready for.