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380 Inside Out

380LogoWelcome to the 2nd 380 Inside Out Live Event

Are you ready to get fit from the Inside Out?   Are you ready to meet over 100 ladies on the 380 Corridor?  Are you ready to have a fun morning with great speakers and vendors from all over 380?  Then this is the event.  Last event we had 100 ladies attend, come join us!

Event details:

Date:  Saturday March 28th, 2015

Time:  9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Place:  Paloma Creek Creekside  Clubhouse

Cost:  FREE to attend!  Click HERE to attend FREE!!

What is the 380 Inside Out Event?



We believe that transformation begins on the Inside.  However, sometimes you need to feel good on the Outside before you can begin feeling good on the Inside.  It’s a vicious cycle.  That’s why we created this event, because this event covers both! We begin the day by networking with our sisters from the 380 Corridor. At 9:30 our speaker panel begins.  This event will have a different group of ladies speaking on life changing and transformational topics.

Let’s shop ladies!  Spring is around the corner, treat yourself:-)  Because we also have great vendors lined up from all around 380 showcasing their services and products to help you look and feel your best from the Inside Out!

If you are interested in Sponsorship  click here to see your opportunities.

This is an Open House event, so come and go as you please!

Who Should Attend Inside Out?

Come support the ladies of the 380 Corridor.  This is a FREE event and a great chance to meet new neighbors and ladies with same interests.  Let’s come together and encourage each other to be the BEST MOM, FRIEND and WIFE we can be!

Feeling Stressed?  This event is for you!

Feeling Tired?  This event is for you!

Looking for products and services to help feel your best?  This event is for you!

Ready for transformation in your life? This event is for you!

Ready to meet awesome neighbors?  This event is for you!

Have products or services to help us feel better on the inside and out?  This event is for you!

Get ready to make a change from the Inside Out:   FEEL your Best, BE your best, DO your best!  This event is FREE with registration, you won’t want to miss it.    Click the link below to register now!


FREE Event!

Date:  Saturday March 28th, 2015

Time:  9:00am – 12:30pm

Place: Paloma Creek Creekside Clubhouse

Click here to register now!


Learn More About Our Sponsors:


Kristi Dear has been empowering women to reach their goals and achieve success for over 12 yrs. She is a Certified Master Coach, Personal Trainer, Author of several magazine articles, and a co-author to Transform your life book, and Motivational Speaker.  She also teaches and owns Boot Camp Babes in Savannah. Kristi has been married for over 15 yrs, and has 3 beautiful children ageskrisit 14, 13, & 7

Kristi teaches people how to create a  mindset SHIFT to quantum leap to the next level of success!

Many times what we want in life is a lot different then what we create in our lives. Many of us want to change our behaviors, want to be happier, want to be healthier, we want more money, and want to grow our business, but we stay exactly where  we are in life because of the way we think, what we speak,  our deep inner emotions, what we focus on, and our true core beliefs.

If our thoughts, visions, words, emotions, inner spirit are out of alignment, or not congruent then we will create mind blocks that  will stop us from receiving  abundance, making more money, growing our business, and fulfilling our true life’s purpose.

The beauty is, you have a choice!  You  can’t always choose your circumstances. You may have days when you feel like nothing is going right, but you can choose the way you respond.  You can choose your attitude! You have the option to stay where you are right now attracting what you are attracting, creating what you are creating, living like you are living, making the same amount of money you are making, or you can choose to SHIFT, to become in alignment with your true authentic self, once you become in alignment you  will allow your abundance to flow!

It is possible for you to achieve more success, to be healthier,  happier, more prosperous. It is real, and it does happen to many people. We were all born with the ability to manifest a life of abundance. Kristi believes that there is enough success, happiness, health, prosperity, in the world for all of us, and Kristi will teach you how to achieve it! Connect with Kristi on Facebook  Twitter  or call her at 972.837.3970

It’s time for you to start manifesting your abundance today!

Also, Please CLICK HERE to connect with me now, and by doing so you will  receive a totally FREE amazing gift just for you. This gift will help you quantum leap 2 the next level of success!


_MG_9620 (1)Jayne Rios has 25 years experience in TV and marketing.  She is the CEO & Founder of two companies and owns an Intellectual Property elearning system.  Her first company, KungFuzos Video Marketing, was founded in 2004. Years ahead of the hot new video trend that is sweeping the marketplace, Jayne proved herself  a visionary entrepreneur.  Jayne was nominated as a finalist for the 2013 Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year by Today’s Innovative Woman and the 2014 International Collaborator of the Year Award by the Public Speakers Association.

 Jayne is author of The Interactive Author:  Monetize Your Message and co-author of Network to Increase Your Net Worth, Change Your World and The Unsinkable Soul.  She is an entrepreneurial spirit with a heart for serving.  She is the wife of a prime time, major market TV Director, and the mother of two young boys.  She is a cub scout leader, a baseball coach and a life skills coach for teens.

Topic:  Work Smarter, Not Harder

3 Steps to Creating the Life You Want

1.  Business building techniques to move ahead faster
2.  Why niching your business can save years of frustration
3.  Open Up and Partner Up

Connect with Jayne at or call her at 469-287-5355 or visit her website for her free offer at


It’s time to unlock your Abundant Mindset

My name is Kristi Dear and I am a Mindset Mentor & Success Coach, Author & Speaker.

I work with purpose driven female entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their spotlight, build their successful and fulfilling businesses and stop playing small! I teach my clients to bust through their money blocks once and for all, to allow real abundance into their lives, and become more clear about what they want, confident in what they do and take themselves to the heights they know they are ready for.