3 steps to staying calm!

DownloadedFileDo you ever have those times when you are really stressed about something?  Stressed about paying your bills, stressed about your job, stressed over a relationship.  You can feel  your stomach turning, the fatigue setting in, and maybe the headache.  You try and focus on something else but it consumes you. All you can think about is worst case scenario.

1. When any of these thoughts enter my mind, the first thing I do is pray.  I stop close my eyes, and pray to God.  I take deep breaths, and I repeat the scripture, “Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.” I Peter 5:7 God told us that we don’t have to carry all the weight alone.  All we have to do is ask him to take the stress, worry, doubt, anxiousness, and he will.  When we try and over-think and do it alone it is a very lonely, hard place to be. It is a wonderful feeling to know that we never have to handle anything alone!

2. Visualize the outcome that you do want.  Instead of focusing on what little money you have, how bad you may perform at your job, or how your relationship isn’t what you want; “flip-it”  Visualize and think about what you want instead.  Turn up the brightness of the picture, float into your body and see things from your own eyes.  Hear all the sounds, and feel all the feelings of that perfect outcome.  Visualize paying all of your bills with ease, and having money left over in the bank.  Visualize yourself being recognized at work for a job well done, and the relationship you are worried about , to strengthen and grow with love. Take about 5-10 minutes of sitting quietly and really making a detailed mental picture. Whenever you catch yourself having any of the previous thoughts, quickly replace with this new mental picture. The new picture will already be real in your unconscious mind, and easier to pull up when you need to “flip-it.”

3.  Take action!  If it’s something that you really want to change, make a plan of action. So many times we go through life not really knowing what we want.  We focus on all the outcomes or things we don’t want, and therefore; drawing more don’t into our life! Prayer, thinking positive, dreaming big, and visualizing are all wonderful and powerful, but in order to achieve it, you also have to work for it! God didn’t give us life so that we could sit around, and think of all the things we don’t want, or all the things we do want, and never work for them. He never promised that they would just magically appear when we think about it. We need to also change our mindset, and do something about it.  Think baby steps.  Make a week by week plan that will lead  you to your next step. Once you achieve your small goal reward yourself!  It doesn’t have to be a huge ice cream sundae, or brand new outfit ( although the new outfit would be fun each time…haha)  Just little rewards that will give you recognition for reaching a new goal.


Happy Tuesday!

–Coach Kristi




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